Yes. We recognize that your time is important and that it is often cost effective for you if we attend your premises. A business visit can be made by prior appointment.

Yes. We are happy to agree a limit on costs and will not exceed that limit without obtaining your consent first.

Yes. We offer free initial advice on all legal questions within our expertise.

Conditional Fee Agreements, or 'No Win No Fee' Agreements as they are known, are available for certain types of work. They are available for personal injury work and employment and in some other areas giving rise to legal problems. It is important to check with the solicitor about the details of the terms in which you are instructing them on a 'No Win No Fee' basis.

Yes. We will do our best to give you an estimate of cost and we will update you regularly and as the matter progresses, you will be advised in writing of how our charges work and what our charge-out rate is.

If you are financially eligible and your case falls within the categories for which Legal Aid is available then we will advise you under the Legal Aid scheme.  We have contracts from the Legal Services Commission to offer legal aid in criminal defence and family law.

Yes. We recognise that for some clients to visit our offices can be difficult and in these cases home visits can be made by prior appointment.

Yes. We recognise our client's working commitments and we endeavour to be as flexible as possible in arranging appointments. We often see clients after 5pm or arrange telephone conferences to accommodate clients' inability to access the office in business hours. In addition, our criminal lawyers are available on a 24 Hours basis to give emergency advice outside of normal office hours.

Yes. We find that email is the most efficient form of communication and we are happy to correspond with clients via email if that is your preference. All our emails are hosted on Secure Server Net.

Yes. We have clients nationwide and abroad. Communications commonly take place via email, post and telephone so that personal attendances are usually unnecessary and kept to a minimum.

Please speak to our lawyers as specialist legal advice should be sought for particular circumstances.